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Business Videos

Business Videos submitted by members and service Providers.

Business Videos submitted by members and service Providers.

On, you can watch a variety of webinars or maven videos about how to create or run a new business.  Inspirational material is also included on this website. These movies are provided by, business professionals, lawyers, accountants, franchise developers and preferred vendors.  The intent of these videos is to provide you with information that you can use in your business.  This website offers companies and professionals providing the videos the opportunity to  spotlight their business expertise and to market their product or service. can also be used to create backlinks to your website.  A backlink is essentially anchor text put on other websites that contains a relevant, highlighted keyword and an embedded hyperlink that directs people to your website.   Creating backlinks is an important factor in determining your page ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.   You can increase the number of backlinks by

indicating to other websites that you are amenable to having your movie put on their websites.  In this offer, you should stipulate that use of your movie requires a backlink to your website.



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