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Affiliate programs are a great way to make extra money online if you have a popular website or blog post.  Many internet sites contain lots of good content that attract many visitors on a daily basis.  Some of these sites generate online money by charging a subscription fee.  Others have a product or service to sell.  There are many websites and blog posts that don’t sell their own product, service or information.  Regardless of how a website or blog post is making income on the internet, they can always make extra money with affiliate marketing programs.    Affiliate programs are arrangements between online merchants and a website or blog that agrees to market their product or service.  With these programs, a commission is paid whenever a customer either buys a product or service, does a particular action such as filling out an online form or simply clicks through to the online merchant’s website.  The amount of commission paid and the action the potential customer has to take in order to earn a commission is spelled out in the affiliate agreement.  Affiliate programs fall into three basic types.  The most popular type of affiliate arrangement is called the cost per sale or pay per sale.  With this arrangement, a visitor to the affiliate’s website or blog has to click on a link that brings them to the merchant’s website.  If they make a purchase, then the affiliate earns a commission that is automatically deposited into their bank account.  Commissions vary and can be as high as 50%.  Merchants usually prefer a “pay for performance” affiliate marketing

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs Are a Great Way to Make Extra Money Online

model because they won’t incur an expense unless results are accrued. This is why over eighty percent of affiliate programs use this arrangement.    The second most popular affiliate program is called cost per lead or sometimes known as pay per lead.   With this affiliate arrangement, an affiliate receives a commission whenever a visitor on their website clicks on a link and fills out a submission form on the merchant’s website.  This form could be a contact request, newsletter sign up or registration form.  Nineteen percent of merchants pay affiliates based on cost per lead  The most basic affiliate program is pay per click, which is sometimes known as cost per click.  With this system, a merchant pays their affiliates based on the number of visitors that click on the link posted in their website that brings them to the merchant’s site.  Only one percent of advertisers use cost per click.  The problem with this method is that it is not based on sales performance.  In addition, it can also be subject to fraud.   An affiliate network can provide an easy way for prospective affiliates to find an affiliate program that will be a good fit for their website or blog post.  An affiliate network presents a wide variety of affiliate programs on their website.  An affiliate network acts as broker and mediator between affiliates and merchants.  They help affiliates set up the necessary links on their website or blog post.  They then track all activity with regards to these links and arrange for payments into the affiliate’s bank account.  In return for the services they provide, affiliate networks will usually take a cut of each transaction. This usually amounts to around 20 percent of each commission earned.  Some of the leading affiliate networks include Commission Junction, Linkshare and ShareASale.   In summary, affiliate programs are a great way to make extra money online if you have a website or blog.  When using any affiliate program, you’ll be most successful if you stick to products or services that will of interest to visitors coming to your website.     Another website you should check for affiliate marketing opportunities is  On this site, you can search for advertisers looking for affiliates that would be a good fit with your website or blog.  It can also be used by websites to find affiliate advertising opportunities.  Written by: Mark J. Krupp, Confounder of   httpv://


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