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Alternatives to Raising Business Funding

Raising business funding is getting very difficult.  In 2013, getting a start up business loan was virtually impossible unless you had solid personal collateral outside of your new business.  This lack of business finance is suffocating new business development.   What is frustrating is that the materials, the talent and the real estate is still out there.  However, because of a lack of business funding, nothing is getting done.  If this continues, everyone loses.  What is needed is a way to either eliminate or reduce the capital requirements to conduct business transactions. was created to provide alternatives to raising business funding.

New Business Trades (NBT’s) are used to connect entrepreneurs with others that have the missing puzzle pieces that are preventing them from achieving their business goals.  Entrepreneurs can use NBT’s to accomplish research and development.  They can also use them to obtain services, materials, equipment, finished products, office space, retail space, warehouse space, manufacturing or marketing.  Skilled workers can use to find an exciting position in a startup company.  People or companies that have real estate, materials and equipment that are laying dormant and unproductive, can use this website to connect with entrepreneurs that can make them productive again.

New Business Trades are conducted on the website called

On this listing site, the person or company that is originating a New Business Trade  proposes both sides of the deal that they would like to transact.  One side of the trade includes what they are searching for. Narratives, pictures or movies are used to pitch a New Business Trade to potential prospects.

The other side of the proposed trade is also spelled out on the listing page on  This part tells prospective traders what types of deals they are willing to entertain.  For example, a percentage of gross earnings or royalties could be suggested.  Equity could be offered.  An active partnership position could also be tendered.  Another option is to immediately open it up  for negotiation by indicating to prospective traders to “Name Your Terms.” The ingredients of a New Business Trade are only limited by the imagination of all the parties involved.

There is often an unequal value between what is being sought and what is being traded in a New Business Trade.  In addition, one of the parties might only be interested in a partial trade.  In these cases, the other party will be required to put up some cash to go forward with the transaction.

Prospective Traders can use anonymously-relayed email to initially contact people or companies that have created listings on  Once contact is made, negotiations ensue.  Counter-proposals can be submitted.  Physical or virtual meetings can be scheduled.  In the end, both parties either agree to a trade or decline involvement. strongly recommends that a licensed real estate or business broker review any trades that are brought together on this site.  Getting the contract done right is critical in order to prevent misunderstandings and to provide remedies if the deal goes sour.  Background and credit checks should also be considered.

In summary, New Business Trades should always be considered when you can’t raise business funding.  Check out to find an outside-the-box solution that can help achieve your next business goal.


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