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If you are at all like New Business Creator writers team then you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the internet affiliate marketing and Search engine optimization world. Like most, you need to keep current with Search engine optimization current news. The greatest headline story now is the deindexing of blog networks by Google.

1000’s happen to be impacted by Google’s deindexing either partly or completely getting rid of entire blog networks. When Google removes an internet site from the index, any outgoing links instantly become null and void.

The greatest casualty to date of Google’s push against blog networks may be the Build My Rank service. It was a personal blog community, and also the sites which composed the network have been deindexed by Google. Any links produced through Build My Rank are actually useless, and also the service continues to be closed to new people. Other notable systems which have been punished include SEO Link Monster, Authority Link Network, and Linkvana.


Blog Networks Get  Deindexed  by Google

Just in case you are not aware exactly what a blog community is, let me explain. Essentially, blog networks permit you to publish blogs (read “articles”) on several websites which are linked into some type of automatic content distribution system. For instance, newly authored articles such as “marketing to the Y generation”, I could then submit it to  blog networks and theoretically this information will then be released to sites within the network associated with “Marketing“, “SEO“, “Affiliate Marketing“, categories.

Blog systems come in several tastes and types, with really the only underlying commonalities being they’re a method for producing back links by posting content, and there’s often a cost for membership (I’ll return to why this will be significant soon) “Public” blog systems contain blog proprietors putting their sites within the network to get free content. “Private” blog systems are slightly different, since the managers from the network really own the websites that authors publish their content.

If you would like to see the carnage of this latest formula update action, just search “blog systems deindexed” and see the number of discussion results you will find. A number of them are really frightening.  Search engine optimization companies that depended on the position of  blog systems like BMR to construct their  backlink strategy  for their clients’ websites, will witness entire websites vanishing from Google’s index, it is nightmare in the Search engine optimization industry.

How come Google?

Blog networks are a kind of geared for “paid backlink building”. Google’s policy on compensated backlink building is very obvious, especially the truth that “purchasing or selling links that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.” The purpose blog networks would be to facilitate backlink building, which the links are most certainly paid for inside a slightly less apparent manner.

Blog networks are a seen as a “scheme”. Much like compensated backlinking, Google’s opinion on link schemes leaves no room for confusion. They aren’t an all natural type of backlink building, especially once blog systems developed a technology to permit you the ability to submit a spin-ready article to 100s of various blogs inside a short period of time. Blog networks offered this as the foundation of a method to get abnormally high amounts of links rapidly, also it was just matter of time until Google caught on.

Articles published to blog systems are usually of poor quality. The huge number of articles published to blog networks were poor “filler” content which was only written to obtain back links. That may seem harsh, however the regrettably the reality bites. If the Panda update of 2011 was a big awake up call, then the latest of Google’s changes is. Google wants quality, completely unique content to populate its search index. Google wants you to definitely create and distribute content with regards to supplying value to visitors, not just in build links. If you would like high internet search engine ratings you will want to pay attention to supplying value first, and backlink building Or Search engine optimization second.

Any thing still safe?

Don’t invest your time on one blog community as the primary supply of links. Actually, you should not even depend on multiple blog systems for the majority of your links. The ball is within Google’s court here, so you ought to be playing by their rules of natural backlink building and quality content.

There’s one new blog community that appears quite promising, it’s known as The Content Facilitator. Actually, it is not a real blog community since the articles you submit aren’t instantly passed to sites within the network. There is not a real network rather, a guest blogging marketplace. Writers searching for quality, unique (and non-spun articles) who wish to achieve a bigger audience and obtain some back links along the way.

The Content Facilitator also operates on a credit system, meaning membership is free of charge for searching for content. Each time your articles is acquired with a blog owner, credits are subtracted out of your balance (which means you don’t find yourself with 100s of articles being released at the same time, as well as an abnormal link profile) You can generate credits by mentioning new articles towards the Content Company, by posting others’ content.

My personal favorite feature from the Content Facilitator is the opportunity to set your article as “unique”, meaning it may simply be released by one member available on the market. Writing “unique” articles for that Content Facilitator therefore supplies a strong incentive with other people to get your articles and publish it.

Another option if you want your website or blog to be successful in increasing the number of backlinks, is  On this website you can connect with other sites on the web that would be willing to place your backlinks on their web pages.  There are various reasons why they would be willing to do this.  One reason is that they believe your website’s content would be helpful to their viewers.  Websites and blogs are always under pressure to provide fresh content to their users.  If you have articles or movies that have great content, they might want to put it on their site.  On, you can offer access to your articles or movies with the stipulation that they contain anchor text that backlinks to your site.

Written By Erik Krupp Co founder of New Business Creator




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