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Business Articles, Forms & Legal Docs


Templates of business forms, contracts and other legal documents.

Templates of business forms, contracts and other legal documents.

On, business and legal professionals share examples and templates of business forms, contracts and other legal documents.  These professionals also include their advice regarding each document submitted and contact information if you need further assistance in customizing it to your specific need. helps promote companies and professionals that provide material on this site. 

Providing good quality business content gives you the opportunity to spotlight your business expertise.  You can include your contact information in order to reach out to new business creators that would benefit from your product or service. can also be used to improve search engine optimization (SEO) for your website or blog.  SEO determines your page ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  The higher your page ranking, the better potential your website has for getting viewer traffic.  Getting backlinks is an important factor in search engine optimization.  A backlink is essentially anchor text put on other websites that contain a relevant, highlighted keyword and an embedded hyperlink that directs people to your website. can help you generate these backlinks.   To create a backlink, insert anchor text in your listing page containing your article or document.  You can increase the number of backlinks by offering other websites and blogs access to using your content on their web pages.  In this offer, you should stipulate that use of your content requires a backlink to your website.

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