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How to Use a Free Trial to Increase Your Long Term Customers

A free trial is often an effective marketing strategy to increase the number of your long term customers.  In many instances, potential customers will not fully understand the benefits your product or services will give them. As a result, they’re often reluctant to go ahead with a purchase. One way to get over this hurdle is to provide them a free trial offer. With this marketing strategy, you allow potential customers a chance to evaluate your offering before making a financial commitment. The trial period can vary. Your ultimate goal is to convert as many free-trial customers as possible into becoming paying customers.

Whenever you employ a marketing strategy, such as a free trial, you need to measure its effectiveness. There are a number of things you need to evaluate. One important item is retention rate. The more free-trial customers that are retained as paying customers after the free trial period is over, the more successful your marketing program is. 

One way to significantly boost your retention rate is to require a credit card number up front when a potential customer signs up for the free trial. When you employ this strategy, there is an automatic conversion to paid service or ongoing delivery of product if left un-canceled. Many times you can overcome a potential customer’s reluctance to give you their credit card information by emphasizing that the credit card number is required in order to limit one free trial per person. You can also explain that it will also avoid any interruption of service once the trial period has expired. 

Another item that you must evaluate when studying the effectiveness of your free trial offer is how it affects your profit margin. Whenever you use this marketing strategy you need to weigh the potential profit gain of attracting more customers against the revenues lost during the trial period. The higher your retention rate, the more likely it will be that your trial offer was a success. 

There are many variables that you can play with when constructing your free trial offering. One item you can experiment with is different trial periods. Some web trial offers have the most success with a thirty day trial period. Others do better with a longer or shorter period of time. The only way to find out is by testing. A good way to do this is to start with a longer trial period and reduce it in subsequent tests to find out what length of trial period works best to convert free customers into paying ones. 

Another variable that you can experiment with when determining the most optimal web trial offering is pricing. It is usually better to start with a low price and increase it in subsequent tests. By paying attention to conversion rates you can then determine your ideal price. 

One other item that you can examine when analyzing web trial offer options is the amount of access to content that you give to free customers. There is a fine line as to what will bring you success. A free customer has to have sufficient access to perceive the value of your offer. At the same time you want to hold back enough so that they are motivated to becoming a paying customer. 

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Now you might be saying to yourself, if only I could only get a chance to show people how my product or service will greatly enhance their life. I know they’d come back for more. Once they tried it, they would become a long term customer. Well if this is really true, put together a web trial offer. Write a compelling sales pitch. Add some pictures. If a movie would better present the benefits of your product or service, include that too. Offer a coupon for first time customers. Then categorize your product or service to help customers easily find you. After that, all you need to do is list your trial offer on 

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