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Exploring Employment Opportunities With Startups

Startups should not be overlooked when you are looking for employment opportunities.  Maybe you have a newly minted MBA. In your senior year you couldn’t wait until you graduated and landed your first real job. Maybe you pictured yourself being a VP of marketing. Perhaps you were attracted to titles such as VP of strategic business management. Then you graduated and reality came along and kicked you on your butt. Your sending out hundreds of resumes. You’re getting phone calls, but they’re all from your worried mother or your friends calling to see how your job search is going. It’s almost tempting to turn off your phone. But you can’t. What if the next caller is someone in HR that wants to set up a job interview. You keep asking yourself why won’t any of these companies appreciate what I have to offer?


Let’s be realistic, if you have limited work experience your chance of obtaining a job with a prestigious title such as Vice President of anything is just about zero. There are probably lots of experienced laid off VPs that are applying for the same jobs that you are. Now you can continue hitting your head against the wall or take a different approach. My suggestion would be to broaden your job search to include startups. When you decide to do this, you’re saying to yourself and to the world – Hey if no one is willing to give me the job position I want or deserve, then screw it, I’ll create it myself.

The advantage of this strategy are many. Startups will oftentimes overlook a resume with limited business experience. They have to. In many cases, they can’t afford to pay you a salary until they’ve acquired their second or third round of funding. If they can pay you a salary, it will probably not much better than minimum wage. They will probably also expect you to work crazy hours and wear many hats since they have lots of jobs to do and few personnel to do them. Well now you are probably saying to yourself, forget that. I didn’t go through all of that schooling and those grueling internships to work my ass off for a pittance.

Before you write off applying for a position in a startup company, take a look at the huge potential upsides. Unlike large established businesses, startups, will often give you a significant equity position in order to get you participation. These companies are desperate to fill out key personnel positions. So if VP of marketing is your aspiration, chances are, that position is available for the taking. Sure, maybe it doesn’t come with a large corner office and an administrative assistant that fulfils your every need. But at least it gives you a chance to use your skills to create possibly a major business concern that will make you a rich man or woman someday.

Another advantage of working for a startup business is that you won’t have to deal with a rigid corporate culture. In fact, you will probably have a lot of influence as to what that company’s corporate culture will be. With a new business venture, your participation early on will enable you to put your fingerprints on its mission how it’s run. So I would conclude that working for a startup will result in you making sacrifices in the beginning. However, if you pick the right company and you do everything in your power to make it successful, it has the potential to bring you higher levels of satisfaction and accomplishment. It will also probably result in your making a hell of a lot more money than if you started at the bottom of the ladder in some fortune 500 company.  is a jobs classifieds site devoted to startups and new businesses.   It can help you find employment, freelancer work, management jobs and partnership opportunities.

A sales rep can search for sales positions on You can search jobs two ways in this site. One approach is to search for companies looking for a sales representative. You can also take initiative and post yourself as a sales rep looking for employment opportunities. In this website, release of sensitive information such as contact data, and resumes is totally under your control. Anonymous relay of emails is also available for responding to inquiries. is a listing site that connects entrepreneurs with people or businesses that can provide research and development, services, materials, equipment, finished products, office space, retail space, warehouse space, or marketing. In return, these entrepreneurs will give equity, future royalties or a percentage of sales in their business.

In summary, if you are looking for employment opportunities, you should not overlook  positions being offered by startups.  There are many advantages to taking this approach such as getting am upper management position and possibly equity in a company that might create life-changing wealth someday.


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