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Funding Alternative: New Biz Crowd Funding was created for businesses trying to seek seed capital to create a trend setting product or service. Your strategy in raising money through crowd funding is very different compared to trying to raise money using traditional funding sources. With crowd funding you are essentially pre-selling your product or services to either existing or future customers. What you are trying to do, is to get them to pledge a certain amount of money in order to gain a special reward in the future. In most cases this reward is your product or service with an added enticement such as a discounted price or a special prize.

On NewBizCrowdFunding easy to use software allows you to create a compelling crowd funding campaign. In your pitch page you use video, pictures and a written narrative to describe how your product or service will benefit the viewer. A tier of special rewards that are based on the amount pledged are also included on this page. In addition, your crowd funding goal and when your campaign expires, are also listed on the page.

NewBizCrowdFunding will monitor the pledges and only collect and release the funding once a defined funding goal is reached. charges crowd funding campaigners a service fee of 3% of the money raised. Please note that most crowd funding sites charge 5%. Also be aware that NewBizCrowdFunding, like other crowd funding sites, deducts financial transaction fees, such as Paypal fees from the money raised. These fees usually range between 3-5%. As a result, it is important to consider these fees when you are determining your funding goal.

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