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Innovation and creativity took a great part in what you experience at present. Fascinating buildings and structures or architectures, inventions like gadgets and other beneficial equipment, the artistic arts and many more are all products of creativity and innovation.  Inventors, constructors, painters and artist are just some of the innovators and creators that you have known. But you could also become one of them on your own way.

How will you become creative or innovative?  Many of you would surely want to be one of the prominent persons that are famous for their work.  All of the innovators and creators have similarities in thinking and attributes. If you want to be one of them, the following tips will be a god start:

Creative and Innovative

How to Be Creative and Innovative


  • See potentials in everything

When you see trash (a piece of paper or can), you often times ignore it and even treat it as worthless. Well for creative and innovative minds, the dirt is important and beautiful. Broaden your intellectual property. See things beyond the physical aspects of an object. Break your habit of belittling things. With small things, you can create wonderful and amazing inventions and arts. This is evident in an inventor.


  • Depart from what’s common

Several of you would always want to do what others do. In fashion, many of you go to what is in. You always imitate the new trend even though sometimes it doesn’t fit you. You go to the mall, to the park and to where you and your friends hang out wearing such clothing with awkwardness and discomfort. That is completely not fashion anymore. Don’t forget that you can always depart from what is common. There is no creativity or uniqueness in imitation .Think creatively and you can be the person that you wanted to be. Fashion is wearing what’s pleasant and comfortable to wear. It will not only depend on what you wear but also on how you wear it. Be the one to be imitated not the one to imitate.


  • Let your imagination work

Your imagination capacity is boundless. You can travel and reach various part of the world, be what you wanted to be and do terrific things that you can’t do in reality.  The creativity and innovation starts from your vast and vast imagination. Use your imagination in perceiving common things differently.


  • Be resourceful

This is making great things out nothing.  Innovation and creativity are not just about making an artistic and great product. It is also about how it is created and what materials are used.


  • Work with patience

You can just create great things at once. You are required to invest your time. If you think that inventors ad several artist do their work or piece without any difficulty, you are certainly wrong. Like you, they also undergone trial and error before they reach and become who they are today. Some of you may have an innate talent on doing creative things but you don’t invest time on using and developing that talent. When you experience, failure of work the first time, you easily surrender. This is the difference between you and those notable creators. They waited patiently until they become successful in discovering and creating things.

You can always be creative and innovative. You just need to have focus on what you are doing, lend time, and patience. Use your imagination and don’t ever set a limit. That is creativity and innovation.

Written by: Erik Krupp, Confounder of



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