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How to Start a Business When You Can’t Get Business Funding


This article explores how you can start a business when you can’t raise business funding.  Many times there are two sides of a potential business transaction that are stuck in neutral or are spinning their wheels because of a lack of capital. Let’s face it the banks, Angel investors and venture capital firms are getting really tight with their money. As a result, was created to grease the wheels of business and get more business done. brings entrepreneurs together with people or businesses that can provide research and development, services, materials, equipment, finished products, office space, retail space, warehouse space, or marketing. In return, these entrepreneurs will give equity, future royalties or a percentage of sales in their business makes available novel solutions to thorny business problems that can’t be solved using conventional approaches. Let’s look at commercial real-estate. There is currently thousands if not millions of square feet of commercial space that is currently laying fallow in this country. Go up and down almost any commercial district and you’ll see one after another “For Lease” and “For Sale” signs up and down the street. Many of these offices and retail sites have gone vacant for years. Since these buildings are vacant, they are attracting graffiti and they’re going into disrepair. As a result, property values steadily race down into the basement. At the same time no rent is coming in and landlords are rapidly heading into foreclosure. When things are getting desperate it is time to think outside the box. One potential solution is to use to find entrepreneurs interested in bringing a new business into these buildings.

There are a number of ways a potential real-estate transaction can be facilitated with One possibility would be the landlord and the entrepreneur entering into a partnership. Another possible arraignment would be for the landlord to receive a percentage of the gross sales in place of rent. In this scenario, the entrepreneur could be given the option to convert to a traditional lease or have the option to the property for a predetermined price. A variation of this deal could be a percentage of the gross sales for a specified amount of time and then a conversion into a traditional lease payment. can also be used to put together entrepreneurs with people that can bring their business into fruition. In this site, a company could post a request on for a person will a special skill set. In their request they could describe how their business will be a major hit and generate millions of dollars in sales once it is launched. They can then state that they are looking for someone willing to forgo up-front fees for a significant equity position or for future royalty payments. Alternatively, they could offer a low starting salary with a promise of a significant pay raise after the second round of funding.

People looking for employment can also post a request on for a position in a startup company. In this request they can include a personal video pitch where they describe their skills and prior accomplishments. They could also state that they would consider providing services for no up-front cash in exchange for a significant equity position or for future royalty payments. Another remuneration option that could be presented would be lowered fees for services in exchange for equity shares or future royalty fees. can also be used to match up entrepreneurs with people or companies that can provide equipment or materials to make the project viable. An example of this would be a contractor that is having cash flow problems. He might not be able to secure a construction loan. if he keeps trying to apply traditional solutions, the whole project will fail and he’ll lose everything he’s got invested in it so far. This is another example where outside the box solutions need to be considered. is one such solution that should be explored.

If construction is slow, there are probably lots of equipment rental companies that are starving from a lack of business. At the same time there are also probably many lumber yards, flooring centers, plumbing supply centers and others that have cobwebs growing on materials that are aging, rusting or getting infested with termites. Either side of this potential transaction could employ to put their human capital, equipment or material resources into making money instead of dying on the vine. The contractor could bring other subcontractors, owners of equipment or building supply companies as partners in the project. He could suggest a deferred lease payment or deferred payment plan that would be paid once the project is completed and sold. Liens could be used to help guarantee repayment. is the go to solution to many of the seemingly unsolvable problems that come up in the business world today. Business transactions are the life-blood of getting business done. The problem is, borrowing money is getting very difficult and raising equity capital is almost impossible. The materials, the talent and the real estate is still out there. The problem is that there is a lack of capital to get business flowing. brings outside the box solutions get things rolling again. Sure there are risks. But doing nothing is a guaranteed way to business failure.

So If you can’t obtain business funding and you are looking for outside the box business solutions, may be your perfect solution. What you are willing to trade for someone’s participation in your business is really up to you. What is offered in your listing is only limited by your imagination. So why not give it a try. Go and check out your options for getting what you need at


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