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How to Write an Executive Summary

Your executive summary is an important tool for selling your business plan.

executive summary

In this day and age of short attention spans, you need a short and compelling document to sell your business plan in order to get people to read it.  In most cases, investors or lenders will use your executive summary as a screening device to determine if they want to examine your business opportunity in more detail.

Your executive summary needs to describe your business opportunity in a space of about two pages.

In two pages, your executive summary needs to describe the problem your business solves, the solution your company provides, and the potential market size of your product or service.

Your summary needs to convince the reader that your team has the experience and skills to execute your business plan.

A brief, but compelling description of your financial projections, must show that an investor in your company will generate significant profits over the next four or five years.

LivePlan Business Plan software program has a unique one-page infographic pitch that can be used to create an even more concise marketing tool for your business plan.


executive summary business plan

LivePlan’s infographic pitch contains pictures combined with your business summary to create a more professional description of your business opportunity. The following is a list of the things that are included in this document:

  •  Company summary
  •  Market problem
  •  Solution
  •  Target market and segmentation
  •  Market size
  •  Competitors
  •  Competitive advantage
  •  Big picture financial projections
  •  Key milestones
  •  Team members and advisers



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