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Conquering Your Fears Of Starting Your Own Business

So you’ve found our Website, Something in your mind nudged you to check it out. There could be many reasons. Maybe you’ve been laid off for months. You’ve been sending out resumes left and right and they seem to be going down some deep dark hole of no replies, sorry I’m not interested. or that job has been already filled. On the other hand, you might have a job, but it’s only part time or the pay is so skimpy that you can barely afford a crappy apartment and the car you drive is a total embarrassment. Maybe your job does pay well but it’s sucking the life out of you because you’re bored or you absolutely hate what you’re doing. But you keep on the job treadmill because getting off it would result is the loss of a steady paycheck and insurance benefits.

Inevitably, when you start considering starting your own business there’s going to be one side of your brain that’s going be fighting like hell to talk you out of it. It might be telling you that starting a new business will cost way to much money and take away precious time from your family and friends. It will trout out any example of business failure it can troll from the deep recesses of your mind. It will churn your fears of failing, having no money, and being a laughingstock. It will search for allies by finding naysayers that will poke holes and show all of the faults in any of the business ideas you’re considering.

Now the other side of your brain that nudged you to check out is on a different mission. I like to think of it as your higher self. It knows that you’re unhappy and it wants you to live up to your full potential doing something that your passionate about. It realizes that to achieve this you need to be in control of your destiny. This side of your brain isn’t as desperate and as pushy as its fearful cousin. Its more subtle, kinder and patient. As a result, the fearful part of your nature often wins out. But every once in awhile, your higher self will have a victory and when it does, it gives you a taste of joy and satisfaction in order to drive you further to get some more.

So the first battle you will wage when considering creating your own business is getting over your fears; your fear of failure, your fear of not having enough money if you quit your nine to five job, your fear of losing all of your friendships that you gained through work. When these fears bubble up, don’t fight them. Listen to them as if you were a parent listening to a fearful child. Some of these fears may be legitimate. But usually there’s a way to mitigate your risk and move responsibly towards your goal. In most cases, this will require your to keep your job while you spend your free time creating the stepping stone to the life you want and deserve. The time required to accomplish this will depend on how much time, energy and money you invest in your new business idea.

In order to avoid fanning the flames of fear, initially, just tell your ego that at this time all you’re doing is checking out the website to learn something. Then start diving into the videos and narratives that will provide you with the information you need to create and launch a new business. After gaining this knowledge, your fears will begin to dissipate, maybe not completely but at least somewhat, because now you have some of the inside knowledge required to create and launch a new business.

I would recommend as a next step you should check out NewBusinessCreator’s affiliated listing sites. When you do this you’ll start to see the pieces of the puzzle starting to come together. On these web sites you’ll realize that it won’t cost you an arm or a leg to create your business plan, find partners or key personnel, raise business capital or market your product or service. When you check out you’ll realize that you might not even have to raise any business capital. You’ll discover that you now have a vehicle that will allow you to obtain what your new business needs by trading equity, royalties or a percentage of future profits.

Oftentimes, people hesitate in creating a new business because they are unsure that their business idea will be successful. This is a legitimate concern. Informal focus groups and limited roll-outs of your product or service can be utilized to hone your business so that it resonates with your intended customer base. In this way you can limit your initial costs and minimize your losses if it fails to catch on.

Now many of you will be saying to yourself: I would love to have my own business. The only problem is that I can never come up with a clever enough idea to pull it off. Let me put that fear to rest once and for all. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COME UP WITH A NOVEL IDEA TO OPEN UP A NEW BUSINESS! Owning your own business can be as simple as owning a pickup truck, getting a lawn mower, a trimmer and a leaf blower and putting out fliers. Now for many of you, being a landscaper is not what you’re passionate about. I totally understand. I wouldn’t want to mow yards for a living either. I merely bring this up as an example to emphasize that coming up with novel business ideas is not a prerequisite for creating a new business. There are lots of self-employed people that provide products and services that have been around for years.

There is yet another option you can explore if you want to get involved in a new business opportunity but can’t come ups with a satisfactory business idea. Many new businesses and startup companies use and to advertize management and partnership positions in order to get people with a needed skill set to participate in their business. This is an excellent way to get a significant job title, an equity position and an opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs that are on the verge of creating an exciting new business that might be the next Apple or Google someday.

There is yet another alternative you can consider if you cannot come up with a good business idea or if you are looking for an idea that has a proven track record. That option is to buy a franchise business that fits your skills and interest. Franchise businesses have the advantage of marketing a product or service with good brand recognition. Most franchises have well-honed business systems that have a long and proven track record. Another advantage of buying a franchise is that you have access to well established training and support systems provided by the franchiser. If buying a franchise sounds appealing, I would recommend going to to check out your franchising options.

In summary, once you’ve made up your mind that you want to eventually be your own boss, your subconscious mind will start to tune in to all of the opportunities that you’ve been overlooking all your life. I urge you to read and view the material in and in its affiliated listing sites to bring into focus how you can accomplish creating and launching your new business. In the end my hope is that NewBusinessCreator can help you accomplish being a successful new business owner in the very near future.

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