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Marketing Tools

l5 was developed to give you the marketing tools your company will need to market and sell your product or service.  Marketing and sales can not be accomplished with a one size fits all solution. As a result, this website was designed to provide you with not just one but four super-charged marketing vehicles that can give you the speed and muscle to roar down the business highway to success.


Only you know what marketing strategy will give you the most timely, efficient, cost effective and profitable way to where you want to go with your business.  Check out our stable of marketing tools for your business. Each one designed to fit your vision of how you want to sell your product or service. 

One marketing strategy offers is a listing site to find a product distributor. For some companies, using a wholesale distributor to transport, store and market their product is the best way to go. Selling a product is a daunting task. There are so many moving parts; transport, storage, sales, service, billing and collections, to name a few. It can take years to build up the necessary infrastructure in order to get your product in retail stores throughout the country. As a result, teaming up with a product distributor may provide you with the fastest route to business success and profits. can help you find a distributor that can most effectively market your product. 

Other companies want more control of the sales and marketing of their product or service. If this is your desire, can help you find a sales represenative or sales agencies that accomplish this important task. In this listing site you can give a preliminary pitch to potential sales reps and sales agencies. This pitch can contain pictures, videos and narratives to persuade agents to carry your product or service. Sales representatives and sales agencies also advertize their services on this site. 

Maybe you are interested in either creating a franchise business or buying a franchise outlet. For many companies, franchising has provided a winning strategy for rapid growth and increased profits. Franchises have also given many people an opportunity to own a successful business that turns out income that dwarfs what they were making in their former 9-5 job. can be used to either list your franchise opportunity or to find one. 

The internet is becoming the go-to source for information and for buying products and services. For most companies, internet marketing strategies cannot be overlooked. can help you find create an affiliate program to market your product or service on the internet.  This website can also be used to find banner advertising opportunities, and web marketing sites. Our affiliated listing site,, can also be used to find buyers who are actively searching for web promotions. These people are motivated buyers, selecting from categories of products or services, entertainment options and website content. On this site you can present the benefits of your product or service using narratives, pictures or movies. Coupons can also be offered. 

In summary, and are websites that will give you the marketing tools your business will need to sell your product or business.  In most cases, a mixture of marketing strategies will be your best marketing strategy.


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