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l4 was created to bring entrepreneurs together with people or businesses that can provide research and development, services, materials, equipment, finished products, office space, retail space, warehouse space, or marketing. In return, these entrepreneurs will give equity, future royalties or a percentage of sales in their business. was created to grease the wheels of business and get more business done.

Many times there are two sides of a potential business transaction that are stuck in neutral or are spinning their wheels because of a lack of capital. On one side, you have entrepreneurs who have the skills, the experience and an idea for a product or service that has huge profit potential. On the other side you have landlords, skilled workers or companies with materials or finished products that are not being utilized.
Let’s face it the banks, angel investors and venture capital firms are getting very tight with their money. A work-around is needed so that new business can move forward. makes available novel solutions to thorny business problems that can’t be solved using conventional approaches. With NewBusinessTrade, partnership positions, equity, stock options, percentages of gross profits, royalty payments, deferred lease or payment plans can be used instead of upfront capital to facilitate new business creation. is the go to solution to many of the seemingly unsolvable problems that come up in the business world today. Business transactions are the life-blood of getting business done. The problem is, borrowing money is getting very difficult and raising equity capital is almost impossible. The materials, the talent and the real estate is still out there. The problem is that there is a lack of capital to get business flowing. brings outside the box solutions get things rolling again. Sure there are risks. But doing nothing is a guaranteed way to business failure. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to check out

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