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Online Business Bootcamp

An internet business has many benefits.

  • Low cost of entry
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work at home
  • Very little overhead
  • No building maintenance
  • Few if any employees

Many websites are struggling and are not making a profit.

websites are struggling

Many websites are jam-packed with good content including articles, embedded YouTube movies and pictures.  Visitors trickle in, but nothing serious seems to be happening.

Learn in a day what took me years to figure out about how to create a successful internet business.

successful internet businessI’ve been there, and I’ve tried everything that you can think of.  Some of it works.  A lot it is pure garbage.  The purpose of this book is to share what I’ve learned so that you can avoid my mistakes and concentrate on things that really do work.

When I had limited success with my website, I started researching for solutions.   I became consumed with it.  I knew there had to be a way.  I checked out all of the “internet gurus” and supposed “search engine optimization (SEO) experts” that boast they have the magic elixir.

My business partner and I literally spent thousands of dollars trying to find answers or purchase solutions that promised more visitors to our site.  We bought new themes, added plug-ins, and hired experts to do SEO.  I added more and more content.  The bottom line is that we spent years of effort and lots of money figuring out what works and what doesn’t work.

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Another strategy I used to pin down a solution and plan for a better future was to write about it.  Writing down what I learned helped me organize my thoughts into a 12-step action plan for creating a successful online business.  That’s how this book was born.  It’s the result of all of the wrong paths I took and of all the hard lessons I’ve learned along the way.  My hope is that this guide will help you speed up your success and avoid the pitfalls I encountered along the way.

What worked yesterday doesn’t work today.

worked yesterday Now I’ll admit that I’ve got sort of an obsessive personality.  When my website was floundering, I couldn’t think about anything else but fixing the problem.  I wracked my brain and scoured the internet for answers about how to get my website off the ground.  I’ll readily admit that I don’t have all of the answers.  I’d be leery of anyone that said they did.  One of the major problems I encountered was that the rules of the game always seemed to be changing.

rules of the game Every time I turned around, Google was totally disrupting my search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.  One week my website would be ranking on page 1 for a particular search term.  A few weeks later, it would show up on page 25 for the same keyword search.  It drove me crazy!   What was considered good SEO yesterday would suddenly be devalued or penalized by Google.  It’s hard to keep up with their search engine algorithm updates that determine page ranking.   There was panda, hummingbird and penguin.  What’s with all of the cute animal names?  Why don’t they call it the sword of Damocles that will cut your website off at the knees if you don’t follow their rules?

follow their rules

Whether you like it or not, Google is not going away.  If you don’t play by their rules, they might even stake your website out on an anthill and leave it there to die.  The bottom line is, don’t get carried away with unethical “BlackHat” and “GreyHat” SEO strategies.  If you do, you better hope they give you a warning before they get their sword out and start cutting off your website’s body parts.  In this book, I cover many of the SEO strategies that can potentially get your website into hot water.

There are lots of experts giving old and outdated advice. 

outdated adviceMy partner and I have literally spent thousands of dollars to pay “SEO experts” to bring up our page ranking.  One even recommended paying some guy in India to create a bot program that would scrape articles from Wikipedia and Ezine articles, spin them and post them in order to increase our page ranking.  Thank goodness I never did that!

What I’ve painfully discovered is that there are a lot of “supposed” SEO experts that are doing old-school SEO.  What they did for our sites ended up being mostly worthless.  In some instances, it might even have harmed our search engine page ranking.  I’m going to cover what SEO strategies work and which ones are just a big waste of money and time.

Find out what software is worth buying and what is a waste of money.

software is worth buying  Another growth industry is software that boasts simple, fast and effective ways to make your internet an overnight success.   There is spinning software, article submission software, software for analyzing your competitors’ backlinks and plug-ins to name a few.  I think I bought it all.  I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.  The whole idea of innovation and automation to make life easier has a nice ring to it.  I found that some of it has merit.  However, a lot of it can potentially tank your website’s page rankings.

I hope with this book I can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by steering you toward software that works and by warning you about products that are either worthless or downright harmful.

Learn what works and that doesn’t work with social media marketing.

social media marketingAnother solution that is often touted for increasing traffic to your website is promoting it on social networking sites. Thinking that this was the golden key to my internet company’s success, we put our company on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus to name a few.  We had our articles automatically streamed to our social network pages.  We even tried software that automates submitting content (spamming) on social networks groups until Google sent us a warning that they were about to shut us down.  We also tried making comments containing links to our website on other people’s YouTube movies and articles.  A big waste of time!

Then I turned to LinkedIn.  I worked liked crazy to grow my connections until LinkedIn shut me down saying I was getting too aggressive with my linking to other members.  On LinkedIn, I also posted articles and movies.  It bumped up the number of visitors to our website, but it seemed like a lot of work for very little return.  I also noticed that most of the people on LinkedIn were like me.  We were so busy promoting ourselves or our businesses that we weren’t really doing much reading or viewing of other people’s stuff.

Now I don’t want to give you the impression that social networking is not an effective way to drive traffic to your website.  However, there is a good way to go about doing this and a bad way.  In this book, I discuss what works and what doesn’t with regards to social network marketing.

In summary, if you are looking for answers about how to create a successful online business, Online Business Bootcamp spells it out in an easy-to-understand, 12-step process.

Online Business Bootcamp

Online Business Bootcamp
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