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Presenting Talent’s goal is what our title implies. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to present your special talent to the whole wide world. Are you an actor that wants to find an acting role in a theater play. Or are you trying to find a role in a television series or big screen movie. Maybe you’re a model that wants to graduate from local small time modeling gigs to the major leagues such as runway modeling jobs in New York. If you are a writer or a screenwriter, getting your novel or screenplay read by a publisher or a movie producer can seem like an impossible task. That’s why Presenting Talent was developed. It was created to broadcast to the world our client’s special talents. To help them locate opportunities that will launch their careers. To connect them with agents that can help guide their careers, find steady work and generate a nice fat paycheck in the end.


Presenting Talent will provide you the spotlight. However, you must first have the talent and the nerve to get in that spotlight and show the world what you have to offer. If you are a model or actor, download your best photos into your Presenting Talent Portfolio. Also include in your resume, a list of previous modeling or acting jobs to establish your experience. If you have a movie of a runway modeling job or an excerpt from a movie or a television show that really showcases your talent, by all means include it in your Presenting Talent Portfolio. Then let the world know what your looking for, whether it be an agent, an audition or a job.


To all you musicians out there, I know getting a live gig is hard work. Back in the 70’s, live music was the rule, not the exception. But you have an advantage today that was not around back then. With the internet and Presenting Talent you can promote yourself world-wide. Why just settle for gigs in your own small town. Why not search for venues in far off exotic places. Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself. Think big! Throw your promotion net out far! You never know what your going to catch. With Presenting Talent, you can showcase your music tracts to music producers, agents and venues that are searching for musicians and bands that can bring in a crowd and sell tons of CDs and music downloads. Do you have music videos? How about a video of a concert, where your band is really kicking ass in front of a packed crowd that is really getting down with your music? If you do, put them in your Presenting Talent Portfolio. There is nothing better than a good music video, to get the attention of an agent or a venue looking for fresh talent.

Presenting Talent allows you to constantly update your Presenting Talent Portfolio. This is an important feature since talent scouts, agents, producers are often looking for a model or an actor with a certain look. As a result, if your current portfolio isn’t getting enough hits, it may be time to change out your photos with new ones that present you with a different style. The same goes with writers. If you write in a number of genres, switch out examples of your writing, if they fail to get read. It might not be that your novel or screenplay was poorly written. It probably has more to do with what editors or producers are looking for. Musicians, Comedians and Entertainers should also keep their Presenting Talent Portfolio fresh. If your not getting enough action, switch it up. Change out your audio and video tracts often. Always be searching for the sweet-spot of promo material that will get you agent representation and job offers. The key is to experiment and adapt to the market. Remember that the market is always changing. What is in today is old news and passé tomorrow. Presenting Talent gives you the tools to adapt to the market.


Another important promotional tool that cannot be overlooked is social networking. Your Presenting Talent Portfolio is a portal to your social networking sites. There are countless examples of artists, who became overnight sensations when their YouTube videos went viral. A lot of their overnight success was attributed to social networking. As a result, don’t ignore this marketing medium when promoting yourself. Embrace it. Use it to its fullest potential to broaden your fan base. Make sure that you provide links to your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages in your Presenting Talent Portfolio. Use these resources to create more buzz about you and what you are doing. Keep your networking sites fresh and compelling. They have to convey that there is a lot of stuff happening in your career. That your star is rising fast. That its time to jump on and sign you up before another agent gets a jump on them. Don’t forget to use Presenting Talent’s networking sites to get yourself noticed by decision makers in the industry.


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