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Search Engine Optimization

Creating backlinks to improve your website’s search engine optimization is critical to getting page ranking. The success or failure of your website is often determined by your page ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your website or blog is not listed in the first or second page, when people do a keyword search, you might as well not exist.  So how to you get first page ranking when people do a search on a search engine such as Google?  Google has a complicated algorithm that determines the relevancy and popularity of your website.  One important factor that is used by Google to determine your ranking is the quality, quantity and relevance of the backlinks contained in other websites that point back to your website or blog.

So what are backlinks?   A backlink is essentially anchor text put on other websites that contains a relevant keyword and an embedded hyperlink that directs people to your website.   Once your backlink is added to a site, Google’s search engine crawlers will evaluate your embedded anchor text to see if it is relevant to the content on that webpage.  Relevancy of your anchor text with the webpage content largely determines the value of your backlink when they determine your page ranking.  The other important factor that determines the value of your backlink is the ranking of the website where it is contained.  Backlinks on more authoritative sites represent a stronger indicator of your relevance compared to websites with poor rankings.

So how do you get backlinks that will improve your Google page ranking?  The most crucial step in this process is to create a website or blog with great content.  A backlink is essentially a referral.  As in everyday life, nobody wants to refer their friends and associates to someone or something that would reflect badly on them.  As a result, make sure your website has relevant and useful content that another website would view as valuable information to share with their users.

One other way to get backlinks is to post articles containing content that is relevant to your website.  It is important to include two to three backlinks in your articles that direct readers to your website.  With this strategy, the more articles you post on your website or blog, the more links you have pointing to your site.

You can create more page ranking value to your articles by submitting them to authoritative article submission sites such as and  It is important to note that some of these sites, such as, have strict policies regarding submission of unique content.  As a result, if you submit the same article to a number of article submission sites, be sure to submit it to first.  Another article submission site that you can submit business forms and business articles to

One misguided method that some websites try to use to increase backlinks is offering other websites reciprocal links.  There are even reciprocal link exchange directories that facilitate this activity in order to create higher rankings in the search engines.  It is important to note that Google and other search engines don’t give any value to reciprocal links.  As a result, don’t waste your time with this backlinking strategy.

A very effective strategy for creating backlinks is to try to obtain backlinks on the same websites that your competitors have backlinks on.  When you use this method, you initially do a keyword search to determine what sites have the highest page ranking for the term or phrase you want to rank for.  The next step is to determine what websites and blogs contain backlinks to your competitor’s website.  This can be done using software tools found on, and The final step is to contact these sites via email or through their contact page to determine if they would be willing to put your backlink on their site.   One way to increase your success using this method is to offer a payment using PayPal if they put your backlink on your site. is another website that can help you obtain good quality backlinks.  The purpose of this website is to help you find other websites and blogs that would be willing to place your backlinks on their web pages.  There are various reasons why they would do this.  One reason is that they believe your website’s content would be helpful to their viewers.  At the same time, they must not see your website or blog as a direct competitor with regards to their products, services or information that are disseminated on their site.

A second reason why websites and blogs might be motivated to give you a backlink is because they want to use some of your content.  Websites and blogs are always under pressure to provide fresh content to their users.  If you have articles or movies that have great content, they might be willing to put it on their site.  On, you can offer access to your articles or movies with the stipulation that they contain anchor text that backlinks to your site.

One other way to entice other websites and blogs to give you a backlink is to offer them money.  Twenty-five or fifty dollars, might be enough to entice owners of these websites to give you a backlink.  The amount you pay should be commensurate with their website’s page ranking for the term or phrase that you are trying to use to improve your search engine optimization.

Good quality backlinks can also be obtained on the website called  On this website, business and legal professionals share articles about subjects related to new business creation.   Examples and templates of business forms, contracts and other legal documents can also be shared on this site.  A section on each listing page provides space for giving advice, your contact information, and anchor text providing a backlink to your website. is another website that can be used to obtain relevant backlinks to your website or blog.   This website is devoted to showing webinars or maven videos about how to create or run a new business.  Inspirational material is also included on this website.  The intent of these videos is to provide new business creators with information that they can use in their business.  This website offers companies and professionals providing the videos the opportunity to spotlight their business expertise, and to market their product or service.

One way to multiply your backlinks on relevant websites is to indicate on your listing page in either or that you’re amenable to having your content put on other websites.  In this offer, you should stipulate that use of your content requires a backlink to your website.

Backlinks can also be obtained by posting online press releases on websites such as   Press releases are a great way to get free advertising for your business.  They are also a good way to add backlinks.  In order to accomplish this, be sure that you include anchor text in your press release that backlink to your website or blog.

If you need help with search engine optimization, I would recommend that you check out the business services section offered on  On this page you can get access to professional SEO experts that can take help you with this important task.

Creating backlinks to improve your website’s search engine optimization is critical to getting page ranking.  When getting backlinks, it is important that they are placed in websites that are congruent with anchor text that backlinks to your site.  Also remember that reciprocal links will not improve your search engine page ranking.


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