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Being Self Employed: Is it Right For You?

So you’re getting tired of your 9 to 5 grind.  You have a steady paycheck but you have to get up at 6:00 AM to get on the freeway for that long and arduous commute to the office.  Once you get there, you settle into your little cubicle and carry out the long list of mind-numbing chores lined up for you by a chain of managers that control your life for eight hours a day.  Tomorrow you can look forward to more of the same and the same goes for every day afterwards.  Now you have to ask yourself: Is this really how I want to live the rest of my life?  If your answer is a resounding no, then you might want to consider trying to transition from being an employee to being self-employed.

There are some major benefits of being self-employed.  One of the biggest benefits is that you are in control of all of the decisions affecting your work life.  Being your own boss allows you to choose work that is centered around your interests and passions.

If you are self-employed, you can potentially live wherever you want.  Your working schedule is totally flexible.  If you want to only work twenty hours a week, that’s OK.  As long as you can pay your expenses and live on your earnings.  Having your own business also allows you to pick and choose your customers or who you want to collaborate with.  After getting through your startup phase, being self-employed will probably generate more money than you could ever earn as an employee.

Being self-employed offers tax deductions that regular employees could only dream of.  All of these tax advantages are discussed in more detail in the movie titled Tax Advantages of Being Self-Employed.

Now before you quit your job to start your own business, it is important that you take a serious self-inventory to make sure you are a good candidate to be self-employed.  First off, do you have a special skill or a product line that in high demand.  Do you have a potential customer list that could generate enough profits that would at the very least keep your belly full, a roof over your head and the lights on?  If not, you may want to retain your job until you have an adequate emergency fund and your new business is generating sufficient profit to live on.

Your soul searching does not end with whether or not you have a good business idea.  You need to make sure you have the personal attributes that lend themselves to being a successful entrepreneur.   If you are not a disciplined self starter that is willing to put in long hours, don’t even bother considering self-employment.  Initially, your earnings will probably be less than what you were earning as an employee.  Later, your income will fluctuate from starving levels to having more than you know what to do with.  As a result, to survive during lean times you need to have the discipline to save when earnings are plentiful.  If you tend to spend everything you earn, being self-employed would probably be a very bad choice.  Going from one friend’s coach to another get’s really old and after awhile you’ll find you have less and less friends as time goes on.

Another thing you need to be able to contend with when being self-employed is that initially you’ll probably have to do most if not all of the marketing, sales, billing and collections that you were sheltered from doing when you were an employee.  You need to ask yourself if you are willing and able to do these things.  If not, stick to your 9-5 job.

Always remember that being employed by someone else or being self-employed is not a either or decision.  You can always keep your regular job as you develop your own business.  Once it’s producing a steady and sufficient income and you have a good emergency fund saved up, you can then decide to leave your regular job and pursue your own business full-time.

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