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Discover the emotional stimulus, and your possibility of selling increases greatly.

Calling yourself a salesperson and actually being a successful one depends on a number of factors.  Here are some of the critical emotional triggers to help you with your sales career. This should help weed out the winners from the losers in your sales office and have your commissions skyrocket.

The Purchasers motivation begins with the buyer’s recognition (purposely or unconsciously) with the discrepancy between a real situation and a preferred situation. The result of this discrepancy is really a desire to have a change. When selling any cool product the very best salesmen need to find out what is the desire and to how to create a reason to purchase their product. This is known as the emotional image sales pitch.

Probably the most effective tool in selling would be the knowledge of the emotional needs of the client that create the desire to buy. When this purpose is known you can utilize the emotional desire to cause action.  So why do most salesmen sell features and benefits and not the emotional desire?


Sell The Fun Not The Price


The compelling reason to purchase doesn’t always equal your desire to sell, nor will it equal your products or any one of features or benefits. The compelling reason to purchase is dependent around the emotional feeling at that time your prospect get a sales pitch and just how that situation changes once they buy.

Individual buyer situations motivate clients to purchase-not product characteristics?

When clients first discover a need, they search for items or services to assist them to get the need satisfied. They often search for the best, most convenient and affordable solution that is available. The functional, emotional and social need would be the trigger conditions contributing clients to purchase. These conditions could be categorized, and salesmen can concentrate on the sales pitch according to these groups.

It’s a old expression in selling “sell the fun not the price” But this is actually the energy of emotional triggers. Whenever we consider all the work in taking a trip around the world and the steps needed to make this a possibility.  We don’t consider the cost, risk and time involved. We sell the fun, flavor and excitement!

In many Businesses purchases, the motivation to purchase is dependent on the economic effects of either not doing anything or investing to take advantage of a chance or solve a critical issue. The motivation could be either obvious to everybody involved or only understood and appreciated by the leader in charge. Triggering the motivation to purchase is a critical step within the sales technique.

Understanding the trigger comes through researching the specific market, careful probing questions (listening) to the prospect or from experience. Not many salesmen invest time to actually understand the purchasing triggers. They talk benefits and features, functions and benefits!

The very best sales agents concentrate on feelings – not features or benefits. The truth is if you listen to your prospects; they will explain what they need satisfied. Many of us share freely and are open to individuals who choose to helpful and friendly. Many people buy a service or product to satisfy one of their basic emotional needs. We’re emotional beings and our image and ego rule many decisions.

Give careful consideration to your new prospects and long time clients throughout the purchase process. What is the most important thing for them? Take a look at their houses or office, take a look at the quality of the items they own, take a look at the way they dress, what they use and consider their level of fitness and grooming. Pull all this information together in a split second and ask yourself what is the most important need or desire of this potential prospect, what inspires them


What do they want? 

The very best? 

The cheapest? 

The latest? 

The easiest?

To simply eliminate the issue? 

To inspired them? 

To best a competitor? 

The most secure choice? 

Once you’ve got knowledge of the potential prospects emotional triggers then present your products within the terms which are significant compared to that customer. You will notice that you will find only about 5 or 6 primary groups of purchasers for you specific product line. Over time you’ll rapidly learn how to capitalize on the chance before you, then you provide them with the emotional trigger pitch they need! 

If they’re a “qualified prospect” meaning they are ready to buy and they’re trying to come to a decision. Then the emotional trigger will assist you and make the sale every time.

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Written by: Erik Krupp, Cofounder of



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