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I believe that we are all put on this earth with a special talent.  If you can find a career path or a business opportunity that plugs into that talent, you are truly blessed.  If on the other hand, because of cultural or family pressures, you go down another path that directs you away from your innate talent, it will seem like you are always working against the grain. In this article, I explore seven ways you can explore what career path you were truly meant to follow.

When you end up in a career that you’re not well-suited for, your life will seem extra hard.  It will seem like everything in the universe is working against you.  Every morning you’ll rise reluctantly because you know ahead of time that you’re going to have to slog through another day, doing work that literally seems to suck the energy right out of you.  You dread Sundays because on Monday you have to go to work again.  You love Fridays because it’s almost the weekend.  Your weekends are sacred.  They’re a break from the stress and boredom at work. Unfortunately, they’re all too short a respite.  You know that it won’t be long before you’ll be back at work grinding away and looking forward to the next weekend.

Discover Your True Career

Seven Ways to Discover Your True Career Path

Regrettably, many people who are dissatisfied with their career path, try to bury their dissatisfaction and frustrations with alcohol, drugs and excessive eating.  After work, many of them spend the rest of their waking hours trying to numb themselves by watching mindless television until they have to go to bed.

This does not have to be your destiny!  Why not find work that you really love to do!  In an ideal world, every person should find that thing they are really good at and discover how they can make a living from it.  Unfortunately, for many people, they never discover the career path they were always meant to be on.  Sometimes this happens because of family and friends.

In my family, my father and his father where physicians.   Since I was the oldest son, it was expected that I would carry on this tradition regardless of what my true talents were.   I suffered through science classes and math even though I didn’t have a particularly great aptitude for these subjects.  I tried unsuccessfully to get into medical school three years in a row.  I was still denied admission even after getting straight A’s in a Chemistry graduate program and working at a hospital.  On my third attempt at getting admittance to medical school, I decided to also apply to dental school.  My hope was that if I wasn’t able to get direct admission to medical school, I might be able to get in through the backdoor.  I figured I could accomplish this by specializing in oral surgery and getting a dual dental and medical degree.  I finally got accepted to dental school and later specialized in periodontics.

During my schooling, it always seemed like I had to work extra hard compared to my classmates.  I literally spent the better part of my school life in libraries until I was thirty years old.  Since the law library was open all night, I would study there until one or two in the morning almost every day.  On the weekends I’d be studying in the libraries for the better part of Saturday and Sunday.  Now I’ll grant it that dental school is no piece of cake, and my ambition was to be in the top ten percent of my class.  It just seemed that I had to exert a lot more effort than many of my peers.  Thankfully, out in the real world I’m not being quizzed about biochemistry or calculus.  My dental practice requires a completely different set of skill sets.  It all worked out.  However, it retrospect I always wondered if there might have been a better way.  A path that wasn’t quite so hard.

On my life’s path, I discovered that I was born to be an entrepreneur.   While I have been practicing as a dentist for almost thirty years, I have attempted to start several businesses.  Something that would give me a more creative outlet.  I became a serial entrepreneur.   Over the years, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to start three businesses.  From each of these attempts, I learned a lot.  One of the things it taught me was that my previous attempts to start a new business did not play to my true talents.

Regardless of my previous entrepreneurial failures, I never gave up.  I always believed I would eventually triumph and successfully start a new business.  My latest attempt at starting a new business has been with  What I discovered over the years was that I loved learning, and I was a decent writer.  I also discovered I had a talent for organizing and simplifying information.  Now my mission is to help others to start a new business.  In that effort, I made it my goal to assemble all of the information that people would need to start a new business.  I also wanted to give people access to all of the tools that they would need for creating a business plan, building a management team, getting business funding and successfully marketing their product or service.  I’m still working at making this website better every day.  Ultimately, my goal is to help others accomplish their business goals in order to have the life they were meant to live.

When you find work that keys into that special talent you were born with, you are performing in your zone of brilliance.  Work doesn’t seem like work.  It seems like play.  It’s hard to pull away from, because you find it so engaging.  People around you also notice and appreciate your extraordinary talent.  Instead of working against the grain, you’re going with it.  When you are regularly operating in your zone of brilliance, the Universe supports you rather than putting up one road block after another.

The trick is to drill down and find that special talent that God, the universal intelligence, or whatever you want to call it, gave you and tap into it.  It might take some doing especially if you’ve not done much exploration along these lines.  Unfortunately, it is often the people that are especially hard workers that have the most difficult time entertaining different work options.  They’re so busy running in their hamster wheel trying to make a buck that they don’t lift their head up and consider there might be a better way.  Another group of people that often find it hard to consider other career options are those that don’t want to disappoint their parents, their wife or husband or their friends.

Some people have invested so much time and money in a career or a business, that they have a very difficult time considering a different career path.  Add on a mortgage, car payments, funding retirement, college funds and everything else, and their life’s purpose seems set in concrete.  Feeling trapped, they yearn for weekends, vacations and early retirement.  If this sounds like you, you need to start planning your escape!  The earlier the better!  Do it before it’s too late!

Now I’m not proposing quitting your job overnight.  You have your responsibilities and you need to take care of them.  However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up!  It just means that it might take more time.  It’s not all bad.  Being well-established means that you have a source of capital to start financing your education or accumulating a down payment for a new business.  Having a good credit history also opens up doors and new possibilities.  In addition, having a network of friends and acquaintances can also be a big support along the way.

What is often surprising, is that you’ll usually find that the people that truly know you will actually be very supportive when you mention your plan to change careers.  Many times, these people will remark that you should have embarked on your career change many years ago.  I will caution you, however.  In most cases, there will also be lots of nay-sayers.  Many times these people like the status quo. They are comfortable with the old you.   They may fear that your change in career will impact them financially.  They might also be afraid that it will cause you and them to grow apart.  Unfortunately, these people are often the ones closest to you such as spouses, parents or good friends.  As a result, you’ll probably have to keep things under wraps until you are close to unveiling your new life.  Doing this will avoid toppling the tree of your new existence before it gets some roots under it.

So how do you find this special talent that might you not even be aware of?  The following are some steps you might want to consider to figure out the answer to this important question.  The important thing is to start your exploration right away.  Don’t delay your happiness any longer!

  1. Oftentimes your hobbies will give you hints about what your special talents are.  There are many successful entrepreneurs that took their hobby and grew it into a business that enabled them to make tremendous wealth from doing what they love.


  1. Think about what type of activities come naturally to you.  Ask yourself what type of work almost seems effortless.  Whenever you are working in your zone of brilliance, work is easy, you’re in the flow and the world seems like it wants to give you everything on a platter.


  1. Ask your close friends about what type of career path they think you are most suited for.  Many times our friends will have a much more objective viewpoint of your special talent.  Their opinions may also not be as clouded by family or cultural expectations.


  1. Some parents and spouses can be very supportive.  They may have been telling you all along that you should have pursued a career path that was in better alignment with your special talent.  Sometimes in our pursuit for money, status or security, we steer away from what could make us really happy.  Ironically, in most cases when you are operating in your zone of brilliance, you’ll achieve an abundance that you could only dream about.  It’s also important to realize that happiness can’t be achieved if your work is something that you dread getting up in the morning to do.


  1. Review what you tend to concentrate on in your free time.  This will often give you hints about what your special talent is.  Pay particular attention to what really gets you hooked in when you’re reading books, magazines, blogging sites or articles on the internet.  Take inventory of the podcasts you listen to.


  1. Inventory your experience in high school and college.  What subjects seemed to come naturally and which ones were an uphill battle?  What extra-curricular activities were you attracted to and really good at?


  1. In the very end, you may have to experiment.  Take a class that sounds interesting.  Work part-time in a job that sounds like something that might interest you.  If you are thinking about buying a franchise or starting a business, you can consider applying for a position as assistant manager or manager in an existing business to get the training and experience you’ll need to be a business owner.

In summary, when your career path is in alignment with the universe, you’ll discover that everything and everybody will seem to go out of their way to support you.  You’ll find yourself in the flow.  You’ll be floating downstream rather than swimming extra hard trying to go upstream.  I urge you to start your journey of self-reflection to discover  what your true talent is.  Once you’ve discovered it, pursue it with determination and persistence until you’ve found your true destiny.

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Written by: Mark J. Krupp, Confounder of



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