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Outsourcing has been a subject of discussion in the startup industry sphere.  If this involves outsourcing technical or customer support, startup companies and Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have typically had to choose whether to be fully outsourced solutions or selected to use an in-house IT or customer service representatives. 

However, there’s been a change within the type of IT and customer service support plans online companies offer.  The main focus has typically been in sourcing versus outsourcing, but there’s a brand new business strategy attaining momentum: the collaborative support approach. 

New Business Creator staff writers have observed a rise in the amount of financial firms particularly, selecting to sign a maintenance collaborative IT support contracts.  The expectation is this trend will surface across multiple different industries.

What are the advantages of a collaborative method of outsourcing? 


The New Collaborative Method of Outsourcing

Getting an in-house resource is really a desirable method of support for a lot of firms, no matter their size.  Getting faster response time has traditionally been the standard, by getting an IT engineer employed in your workplace means day-to-day issues are fixed rapidly and effectively. 

You will find however, occasions when a firm will need additional assets.  The reasons why would include: cover annual leave or staff absences, operational audits, IT working as a consultant, Frequently asked questions and advice, and project-based infrastructure work. 

Rather than a business losing time and needing to choose an outsourced IT services provider every time they might require additional support, it can make better business sense to possess a maintained collaborative IT support agreement.  It makes sense: whenever a startup or SME needs additional IT support, the resource is available at your beckon call. 

The collaborative approach is especially effective whenever clients are growing.  In-house and outsourced IT teams could work together; supplying roles that are clearly defined in the terms.  This joining of understanding, abilities and expertise might help a startup better comprehend the IT landscape and just how certain skills available on the market might be of direct help to them.


Here are some tips for finding the right company or freelancer to work with. 


Look into the company’s Portfolio 

Before you begin pitting one company against the next when it comes to their cost point, you need to determine if the company and its employees have the skills and training for the job. Can they really ‘walk the walk’, and not simply ‘talk the talk’. The only method you are able to legitimately do that is as simple as visiting a portfolio of completed work.

Conversation Frequency and Medium 

You need to set and create the guidelines for communication together with your potential outsourced company. Whether it’s by Skype, email, or perhaps a weekly telephone call, in either case, you have to be confident with the communication frequency and medium just before beginning any job. 

Don’t Instantly Select the Least expensive company or Contractor  

It may be so tempting to choose the least expensive option when choosing a company however this can generally result in disaster. It’s not saying that every single time, picking the least expensive contractor will not work out, but be cautious when thinking about a possible unknown company with entry-level contractors. 

Request References 

Simply because you aren’t employing a outsourcing company  within the typical face-to-face scenario, does not necessarily mean it’s not necessary to request for some type of reference, or perhaps speak to a previous client using the potential company’s permission. 

The Important Timeline Management 

There’s nothing worse than managing a project that misses numerous key events for some reason. The easiest method to mitigate this will be upfront together with your anticipation for delivery of project key events. This ought to be very obvious inside your project listing terms, and you ought to not bend about this whatsoever when create your listing. 

Payment Terms Should Be Reasonable 

Be skeptical if a company request considerable amounts of upfront payment just before beginning your project. Sure, project key events tend to be more than reasonable, particularly if the project is extended, but to request for payment just before beginning work rings alarms.

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Written by: Erik Krupp, Confounder of



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